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 Growing up in the Caribbean, Maureen Tepedino began expressing her innate artistic ability by drawing sketches of Jamaican sceneries and still life. Maureen's love for art and creativity started in her early childhood and was encouraged by her Parents who recognized her talents from a very young age. Maureen was exposed to and inspired by artist Jackson Pollock's and Vincent van Gogh's paintings whose work she truly identifies with. 

Maureen studied Interior Design and Art at Santa Monica City College and now focuses her efforts as a Full-Time Interior Decorator and Abstract Figurative Artist! She has a vast collection of Original Art for sale, along with affordable Fine Art Prints that make incredible contemporary home decor and add to any luxury interior design spaces.


As An Abstract Artist:

Maureen is passionate about creating beautiful Art that evokes emotion, “speaks to you” while infusing spaces with color, texture, and innovative design concepts. To Maureen, color is magical and can be used to increase or decrease the spaciousness of a room, change its mood or create a new environment.

As a former musician, her artwork is inspired by contemporary jazz, reggae, classical music, and the blues. Maureen currently invests her efforts in creating unusual, abstract designs using acrylic on canvas and mixed media at her Marina del Rey (Los Angeles) studio. She has sold her Artwork to Interior Designers, Art Consultants, Architects, and Contractors for residential and corporate projects. Her Abstract Paintings and Limited Edition Prints make great Art gifts for Home Decor. She also specializes in corporate art by creating original Art for Offices and Commercial spaces.


As An Interior Decorator: 

Maureen enjoys creating functional spaces that reflect her clients’ personalities and lifestyles so that their homes embrace them and give them the happiness and comfort they deserve. Her style is a fusion of modern aesthetics with a touch of timeless elegance, resulting in spaces that are visually stunning and highly functional.

Collaborating with clients is one of the most rewarding aspects of work for Maureen. She loves understanding their visions and desires, which allows her to translate them into tangible realities.

Maureen’s unique art pieces, along with her exceptional interior decorating skills and experience allows her to connect with her clients and discern exactly what they need.