About The Artist


Growing up in the Caribbean, Maureen Tepedino began expressing her innate artistic ability by drawing sketches of Jamaican sceneries and still life.  Maureen's creativity was encouraged by her Parents who recognized her talent from a very young age. 

Maureen later studied Interior Design and Art at Santa Monica City College and now focuses her efforts as a Full-Time Abstract Artist! Maureen was exposed to and inspired by artist Jackson Pollock's paintings whose work she truly identifies with!

As a former musician, her artwork is inspired by contemporary jazz, reggae, classical music and the blues. Maureen currently invests her efforts in creating unusual abstract designs using acrylic on canvas and mixed media, which reflect the colors of the Caribbean's subtle hues contrasted with blazing colors. Her work brings a new flavor and accent that transforms and is described as eclectic and transcultural. Her paintings are sold nationally by interior designers, art consultants, architects and contractors for residential and corporate projects. She also specializes in corporate art by creating original pieces designed for Commercial spaces.